Tennis is fun and there is no better place to improve your game then under the clear blue azure sky of the Riviera. The weather, coupled with a Grand Slam Champion as your coach, is the perfect combination to do this.

For a brief moment let your wildest dreams carry you to a private tennis court. Silver ice buckets filled with your preferred beverages and the discreet photographer capturing the right moments to immortalise your smiles whilst sharing the moment with a professional Grand Slam Title holder who has evolved from coach to buddy in a matter of minutes. You have entered the Apogee of exclusivity. It does not matter that you haven’t played in years or do not have the right uniform for this sport. Today is exclusive to you and you alone. Today you can play tennis with a legend and improve all your skills on the court. Welcome to Apogee, welcome to improving your game.

Contact Apogee to discuss individual or group lessons with a professional today and welcome the benefits of positive improvement.