Who didn’t dream as a child that one day (when our legs are long enough to reach the pedals of our parents car) that we would be a racing car driver? As an adult we forget some of our dreams and every now and then we need to rekindle them.

Let Apogee bring your ‘racing car driver’ dream to life.

Drive around the Monte Carlo Grand Prix circuit with an F1 World Champion in a supercar. A unique experience that will generate memories for a lifetime as you and your F1 ‘buddy’ chat and have a relaxed conversation whilst experiencing something extraordinary. If time is not limited this can evolve to lunch or a lesson at the Paul Ricard Race track only a 45 minute helicopter ride away. Alternatively, the 3D virtual racing simulator in Monaco is also allot of fun and less time intensive. Put yourself into the shoes of a professional racing car driver and live an experience that will fill you with memories to last a lifetime.



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